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Return To Play Covid Protocols

Updated 17th May 2021


Play will commence Wed 28th 09.00-11.45 and that evening for club night 19.00.


To book a slot email:  slots are from 9 until 10.15 and 10.30 until 11.45 and evening from 19.00 until 20.15 and 20.30 until 21.45.


This will be the case every Wednesday. Further dates will become available in time.  Due to our need to supervise play, if it is not shown as available on our website, you must not play at The Cottage.


We have received the latest Step 3 Return to Play paper from PE which is faithfully reproduced as 10 points below. We have considered these very carefully together with the 26 page PE paper, Return To Play Guidance (link below) relating to the subject. Our NPC 10 point instructions are detailed below.


Our Committee has a duty of care to our members. We hope that all members share our concern for others. This has been and will always be our prime consideration; not a rapid relaxing of restrictions, nor following what other clubs or venues might or might not do. We are skewed to older age groups, who are more at risk. Some have not received vaccines, some are unwell and fragile, this is what we must all consider first.


No-one should be made to feel pressured to comply with other’s practices or beliefs. If you wish to wear a mask and remain socially distant, you will be respected by all of us.


PE Step 3 Paper


1.  Unless required by the owner/operator of private land, you can play with up to 30 participants at a venue without the need to carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment or carrying out other COVID-Secure requirements, although a more general risk assessment is always needed to meet the conditions of PE’s insurance policy which covers our members, leagues, clubs and regions;

2.  Beyond 30 participants, the playing or coaching of our sport will only be permitted if it is formally run by a PE coach, one of PE’s affiliated bodies (club, league, region) or national organisation or a company/charity that follows our Return To Play Guidance (including carrying out COVID-19 risk assessments);

3.There are no limits on the number above 30 at formally-run events as long as the venue is risk assessed to allow the number participating;

4. Spectators are now permitted on both private and public land subject to any COVID-19 risk assessed limits;

5. On-pitch, social distancing should continue to be observed if possible, but it is not an absolute requirement. Vacant lanes between pitches are no longer needed;

6. Off-pitch, no-one present (players, officials and spectators) should meet in groups of more than 30 and they should not mingle with anyone outside that group. Social distancing should be followed;

7. Sharing equipment should still be avoided where possible;

8. Plastic circles and scoreboards can be used but players should ensure regular hand hygiene. The safest option remains drawing a circle and using hand held pocket scorers;

9. Car-sharing to travel to play is permitted and further Government Guidance is awaited on this;

10. Club facilities and hospitality can receive people indoors (including changing rooms and toilets). The rule of 6/two households applies indoors and there should be no mingling between distinct groups of 6/two households. Whilst not seated indoors, face coverings should be worn. Remember: the risk of transmission of COVID-19 is far greater indoors.


Norwich Pétanque Club Committee instructions relating to above and overriding them.


  1. All visitors to The Cottage must log in at the entrance by scanning their QR code, or by giving details to staff on request. This is compulsory; please respect staff. The same applies to scanning our QR point by our clubhouse and giving personal contact details. On each successive visit you will also be recorded on our register, If we have your details on record you will not be required to keep giving them to us. There will be no temperature checks.

  2. We will not be exceeding 30 players plus officials, for club nights or competitions. The Cottage is limited to maximum 30 for any party outdoors. Beyond 30, restrictions are onerous for them and us. Therefore, please continue to book your play by emailing John. Should we find that our 30 player limit has been reached for any club night, we will open another club night on Tuesdays to enable you to play. If you have missed a Wednesday, through being excluded, you will automatically be placed as a priority on the next Wednesday club night. There should normally be space for all members on Wednesday nights.

  3. We have completed a detailed risk assessment which could allow 30 plus for leagues and competitions. However, we are communicating with leagues to limit numbers to 30. This has been applied to Big C on May 22nd i.e.15 pairs plus officials.

  4. Spectators are an issue and are included in our numbers relating to the 30 limit. This includes casual spectators who might just be sitting by our terrain. We will have some terrain-side tables booked for club nights and events. Lorraine & Ian have been very supportive and we urge members to support them in return by ordering food and drinks from them, and by visiting them after play. Indoors, rule of 6 and social distancing applies, including masks on when away from tables.

  5. We will continue with piste spacing, wherever possible, during club nights. We have 11 marked pistes, plus Norman’s, so this won’t be a problem. On piste, we ask that you try to keep to the “1m side on rule” and not shake hands or encroach on other’s space. Please do not go to the clubhouse, as that is a risk area, being a confined space. The terrain will have been raked beforehand. For club night, please use hand scorers and draw circles. For formal competition, scoreboards will be placed out, but should only be used by one nominated competitor. This person should wipe down the board after their match.

  6. Off-piste, social distancing must apply, and there must be no mixing between groups. Should more than 30 players be present elsewhere, wherever you are playing in formal competition, there must be no mixing between a group of 30 and others whilst off-piste.

  7. Covered by 8 below.

    8. “Draw circles, one coche each, no touching/sharing equipment,       1m side on, use sanitiser/gel        frequently” -  these are the best            actions you can take.      

    9. Please watch for additional rules on car-sharing if they are issued

   10. Indoors at The Cottage, social distancing and masks apply when not sitting at tables. This includes the toilets by our terrain, which will be opened on Wednesday mornings. Please respect instructions on signs and from staff at The Cottage.

If you are free to help with our continuing work on renovation and stewarding on play days, then please email us.


We look forward to seeing you again and to welcoming you back to The Cottage, our great club and wonderful sport.

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