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What is Pétanque?

Pétanque is a form of boules where the goal is to throw hollow metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet (literally "piglet") or jack. The current form of the game originated in 1907 in La Ciotat, in Provence, in southern France. The game is normally played on hard dirt or gravel, but can also be played on grass, sand or other surfaces.



How To Play

Pétanque is played by two teams, where each team consists of one, two, or three players. In the singles and doubles games each player has three boules; in triples each player has only two.


The starting team draws a circle on the ground which is 35-50 centimeters in diameter: all players must throw their boules from within this circle, with both feet remaining on the ground. The first player throws the jack 6–10 meters away.



A player from the team that threw the jack then throws their first boule. A player from the opposing team then makes a throw. Play continues with the team that is not closest to the jack having to continue throwing until they either land a boule closer to the jack than their opponents or run out of boules.


Petanque boule landing on a sandy terrain surrounded by other boule
Join Us for a Game of Petanque This Wednesday!


Whether you have never throw a boule before or a seasoned enthusiast, petanque offers a delightful way to spend quality time with others while enjoying the great outdoors. Come and experience the joy of petanque for yourself! More info on our come and try nights can be found here


If you are unable to make it up on a Wednesday then contact us on We can put on a come & try event for a group of people should we have enough demand.

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