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Club Championship


All registered club members are automatically be registered once they have entered into one of the competitions below.

The competition is be played in a league format with points being gained by how you have placed in each tournament.

The best scores from 5 out of the 7 competitions count so it doesn't matter if you miss 1 or even 2 competitions you can still be Club champion.

Counting Competitions

  • Big C

  • Spring Triples

  • Gold Cup Pairs

  • Andre Conan Melee

  • Kath Watts Charity Pairs

  • Norman Guest Charity Pairs

  • Club Singles (Must play a match)

Points Break Down

  • 8pts – Highest Placed

  • 6pts – 2nd highest Place

  • 4pts – 3rd & 4th Highest Places

  • 2pts – Top Half

  • 1pt – Entering the Comp

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