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Team Building Tuesdays


The key to the success of any organization lies in its workforce and their capacity to form and collaborate within an efficient team. Team building activities contribute to enhanced motivation and productivity. By taking employees out of their usual work environment, these events encourage different interactions, eliminate workplace distractions, and provide an enjoyable experience while fostering a more effective team dynamic. This, in turn, drives the overall success of the organization.

At The Cottage Pub in Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich, we offer exclusive team-building evenings every Tuesday with the assistance of our resident Pétanque club.

Pétanque is a variation of boules, wherein the objective is to throw hollow metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball known as a "cochonnet" or jack. The modern version of this game originated in 1907 in La Ciotat, located in Provence, southern France. Pétanque is a game suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities, including disabled participants who can compete at every level against non-disabled players.


How the evening unfolds:

The evening commences with a brief drinks reception and a concise overview of how to partake in the game of Pétanque, followed by relocating outside to our designated Pétanque area.

The Norwich Pétanque club will supply a certified instructor and proficient players to demonstrate the intricacies of this unique game to your staff members before dividing them into teams for a friendly competition. All necessary equipment will be provided.

Subsequently, you will be seated for a delectable meal (pre-selected from our extensive menu). Alternatively, if preferred, a hot or cold buffet can be arranged, all served in our exclusive function space reserved solely for your group.

The per person cost varies depending on the number of participants, for more information email

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